The GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE is a comprehensive and exciting collection of business and career education resources. Thousands of schools and over 1 million people of all ages around the world have used GoVenture.

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What's Included


  • Several educational games and simulations covering all grades and levels
  • Hundreds of pages of printable Subject Guides
  • Dozens of Lesson Plans
  • GoTeacher eNewsletter – subscribe here

Educational Games and Simulations

If your school has the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE, share this webpage with all teachers in your school!

Lemonade Stand simulation software

Video Demo (1-min)

Video Demo (1-min)

Video Demo (2-min)

Video Demo (1-min)

Video Demo (1-min)

Grades K–12+

Grades 10–12+

Grades 7–12+

Grades 7–12+

Grades 7–12+

Food Truck & Accounting simulation software

Typing game software

Job Interview simulation software

Free Resources

Small Business Entrepreneur simulation software


Credit even if you CANCEL

For as low as $665 per year, you can have a School SITE license of the most advanced and comprehensive resources for business and career education – a $7,500 value! Use GoVenture on all computers with all students and teachers at your school.

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Yes! If you decide not to renew your yearly subscription, we will give you a full credit that you can apply towards the purchase of one GoVenture PERPETUAL license of any of the products that are included in the BUSINESS SUITE.

This means that if paying the annual fee does not work out to be the best value for your school, you can switch to a PERPETUAL license. You no longer have to decide which GoVenture product you want –  try them all and share them with all teachers in your school with the BUSINESS SUITE. Get the most value for your money with nothing to lose!

Credit Details: The credit is nonrefundable and equal to the price your school paid for the final (last) year of your BUSINESS SUITE subscription ($995, $748, or $665). To be eligible for the credit, you must submit a BUSINESS SUITE CANCELLATION Form prior to the date your BUSINESS SUITE subscription expires, and the credit must be used within 60 days of the expiration date.

STUDENTS can play any program in the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE using the launcher menu.

(If a program is missing from your list, contact the person who installed the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE at your school, in case they may have chosen not to install all programs.)

TEACHERS can access Instructor Resources for all programs using a special instructor menu.

(To find out how to access the Instructor Resources, contact the person at your school who installed the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE.)

Your Subscription

  • Your school subscription will expire on a specific date in the future. The expiration date will appear on the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE Launcher Menu. Once your subscription expires, you will not be able to use any of the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE resources, so be sure to renew well in advance.
  • Your school subscription may be limited by the number of SEATS purchased. For example, a 10-Seat License allows the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE to be run on up to 10 computers at the same time. A SITE License allows you to run the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE on all computers in your school. Your subscription details will appear on the GoVenture BUSINESS SUITE Launcher Menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens at the end of my subscription period?

You have three choices:

  1. Renew your subscription for similar price and terms you paid previously.
  2. Let your subscription expire and stop using GoVenture. You can continue to use any resources we provide free to the general public, but licensed resources have to be uninstalled and no longer used.  You must submit a cancellation form.
  3. Purchase a different GoVenture license for one or more specific products that you may want to continue to use.

Q. Can I pay for multiple years up front?

Yes. If you are unsure about future budget availability it may be best to purchase several years in advance.

Q. How do I order the BUSINESS SUITE?

Visit the pricing page for details

Q. Are free upgrades and new products included?

Free upgrades are included. Some future new products will be included in the Subscription for free as well, but new products will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis.

Q. For how long is the yearly price guaranteed?

As long as you continue to renew before your expiration date, you are guaranteed to pay no more than what you paid previously.

Q. Are ALL GoVenture products included?

No, not all products are included. Some GoVenture products are online only and some are for other subject areas.

Q. How does this compare to other GoVenture prices?

The BUSINESS SUITE provides significant value with access to $9,000 worth of product (at the K-12 educational prices, which are already heavily discounted from regular retail prices).

The BUSINESS SUITE allows a school to pay a low yearly fee rather than paying a higher up-front fee for a PERPETUAL license of a single product. Some schools may still prefer a PERPETUAL license and these are available as well. Click here for other pricing and licensing options

Q. What system requirements do I need to play GoVenture?

Please see system requirements External Link

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