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I am already sold on games and simulations. Why should I choose GoVenture?

I'm not convinced of the value of games and simulations. Help me understand the benefits.

7 Reasons

  1. Suitable for all ages and levels
  2. Online, CD, and Network versions
  3. Automated student evaluation
  4. Minimal setup and management
  5. Flexible licensing options
  6. Very affordable
  7. Many simulations available

6 Benefits

  1. Realistic
  2. Engaged classes
  3. Higher test scores
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Use GoVenture as an enhancement to what you are already doing, or as a core element. It’s flexible to fit your specific needs.


The makers of GoVenture have been innovation leaders
in education
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The best value in the industry. Sophisticated products with pricing options that any student or school can afford.


  • Purchased by thousands of schools.
  • Customers in every US state, Canadian province, and many countries around the world.
  • Used by over 1 million people of all ages and learning levels.

Compare GoVenture

4. Increased enrollments

5. Curriculum-matched resource

6. Experiences that match the other exciting digital activities students engage in every day.

Case Studies

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Our most popular
business simulations for college


The most versatile simulation in the world for business education and training. Get started in minutes with a basic or advanced simulation of your choice. Individual, team, and head-to-head competition options.

Small Business

Run a sandwich shop, café, music store, or ice-cream store in a highly-realistic small business simulation!

GoVenture World

A massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that enables thousands of people around the world to compete and collaborate. Be an entrepreneur, investor, lawyer, or marketer.

Our most popular
money simulations for college


Invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and gold. Play for up to 50 years in a simulated market!

Personal Finance

Plan and directly experience 50 years of your financial future in this highly realistic and customizable life simulation!

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