Economic Development

I help build economies at the grass-roots level. It all starts with education. The more we can provide, and the faster we can provide it, the greater the chance and the impact of success.

Delivering education, or transferring knowledge, can pose a significant challenge, particularly in developing economies. Distance, language, culture, literacy, and the availability of resources are all variables that must be addressed. You know the limitations. You need to provide learning that is grounded, relevant, and delivered in an efficient manner — the more visual and realistic, the better. Conventional learning alone will not suffice — because when it comes to success in business, there is no substitute for experience.

Imagine enabling an individual, community, or entire nation to gain years of business experience in minutes — immediately realizing the benefits of a free market economy.

Facilitate entrepreneurship and small business development like never before! GoVenture enhances business and economic development programs by helping you increase awareness, promotion, and reach of your training, support, career transition, personal skills development, and employment programs and strategies. Only GoVenture enables you to provide your clients with years of business and life experience in minutes and the authentic wisdom that normally only comes from on-the-job or life experience!

GoVenture enhances business, finance, and economic development programs

  • Awareness and promotion
  • Training and support
  • Career trasition initiatives
  • Personal skills development
  • Youth and adult employment strategies
  • Urban and rural development

GoVenture strengthens and extends the reach of your programs

  • Compressing the time required to gain experience from years and months to hours and minutes.
  • Offering a fun and engaging experience that appeals to both youth and adults, in facilitated or self-directed learning environments.
  • Acting as the core element within a training program, or as a valued supplement.

GoVenture improves business and life success

A risk-free environment that helps your clients avoid common mistakes by immediately immersing them in the decisions and challenges of a virtual world before they address them in the real world.

GoVenture enhances personal success

Go beyond traditional training by fostering the development of critical business and life skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, leading, organizing, planning, time management, team building, and balancing the competing demands of work and life.

Transitioning to a Free Market Economy

Imagine enabling a nation's citizens to gain years of business experience in minutes — immediately realizing the benefits of a free market economy.

Entrepreneurship, business, finance, and life skills are hot topics due to the changing nature of doing business in the global Information Economy. In addition, the increase in capitalist activities in former socialist and communist countries is opening up tremendous training challenges, where millions and potentially billions of people are in need of introductory training in business principles that is fast, efficient, realistic, and accommodating to learners of all demographics, including those with literacy challenges.

Countries and communities around the world are increasingly recognizing the strong economic benefits that arise from encouraging entrepreneurship and the creation of small business. Most efforts have focused on the provision of courses, seminars, and business libraries. These approaches, while effective, cannot provide the hands-on experience needed by budding entrepreneurs — and when it comes to success in business, there is no substitute for experience.

There is one training approach that can meet these challenges: simulation. Simulations enable “learning by doing,” an approach that cognitive scientists have identified as the fastest and most effective way for people to learn. Simulations immerse learners in highly visual and interactive environments in such rewarding ways that learners feel both intellectually and emotionally engaged in the experience — as if they were personally living it. For example, instead of reading about business or attending a seminar, the learner solely through his computer becomes a CEO running a virtual business, or a stockbroker trading on a virtual exchange, or a manufacturer managing a virtual production line, or a sales manager interacting with virtual customers. Nearly any employee task, departmental procedure, organizational process, or business skill can be simulated.

Simulation offers several benefits compared to conventional learning approaches by:

  • Engaging learners emotionally and intellectually so that they want to learn.
  • Enabling learners to learn faster and retain more of what they learn.
  • Accommodating different interests and learning styles.
  • Equipping learners with relevant, immediately applicable knowledge.
  • Developing problem-solving skills that are transferable to other situations.

The visual and interactive nature of simulations makes them suitable for use in environments with varied learner demographics, and where literacy challenges may exist. And simulations can be used as context-based learning experiences for English as a second language training.

In short, simulations enable people to gain years of business experience in minutes. The more experience people have, the more likely they are to succeed.

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