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GoVenture is one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations in the world. Our experiential, social, and gamified resources are used as full curriculum or supplements.

GoVenture makes good educators great

Teaching superhero

Energize your students by making learning fun and engaging. Gain the appreciation of parents by better preparing their children for success in the real world. Win the support of school administrators by creating a positive buzz in your school. It's possible with GoVenture.


Engage learners

It's tough to capture students' attention these days. Budgets are tight. Resources are thin. Cell phones, video games, television, iPods, the Internet, and other influences have made a tough job even tougher.

GoVenture can help

An exciting way to teach and learn

Inspire learners with highly realistic, effective, and fun learning experiences. Engaged classes, higher test scores, and increased enrollments are just some of the benefits. Ideal for all grades and students — gifted, at-risk, special needs, and anyone in between.

Many subjects, ages, grades, and formats

Subjects & standards

Thousands of activities, standards, and outcomes are covered in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, personal finance, investing, accounting, economics, career, family and consumer sciences, math, health, and more.

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All formats

GoVenture includes software simulations and applications, mobile games, board games, massively multiplayer online games, social networks, and more. Online and offline options are available. Comprehensive Support resources are included.

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Save time and money

GoVenture covers thousands of activities, topics, and learning outcomes. Everything you need is included with flexible and very affordable licensing options.

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Meets your needs

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•  K-12 School Teacher

•  College Professor

•  Trainer

•  Economic Development

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What is your need?

Higher test scores, increased enrollments, dropout prevention, credit recovery, authentic assessment, experiential learning, thematic learning, personalized learning, cross-curriculum, at risk or special needs, correctional ed, interactive whiteboard, save time. Find out more

Custom products

If our off-the-shelf products don't meet your needs, tailored, customized, and completely new games and simulations can be created to fit your training and marketing objectives.

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GoVenture is proven

Join thousands

Educators and trainers around the world use GoVenture in thousands of schools, universities, nonprofits, governments, and businesses.

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Award Winning

GoVenture educational games and simulations have won many awards.  View awards




Over a decade of experience designing and refining award-winning educational games and simulations provides you with the most comprehensive series in the industry.

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