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GoVenture Accounting simulation enables you to gain practical accounting skills while running a virtual business. More than learning basic bookkeeping, GoVenture Accounting puts you in the role of a business owner where you can directly experience the impact and importance of accounting in a business.

Practice makes perfect!

Knowing the mechanics of accounting does not necessarily mean one has a strong understanding of accounting as a fundamental foundation of business and finance.

With GoVenture Accounting you learn by doing. Every transaction is entered in the context of a real business situation — a business that you operate for days, months, or years.

How it works

GoVenture Accounting is a modified version of GoVenture Micro Business with an enhanced accounting module that allows you to make accounting entries manually.

The manual accounting features of GoVenture Accounting can be turned ON or OFF. When turned OFF, all accounting entries are made automatically by the computer (as they normally are with GoVenture Micro Business).

When turned ON, you have to make each accounting entry manually, at the moment a financial transaction occurs while running your virtual business.

There are several transactions that require posting. Many are repeated each virtual day of the simulation.

Activities, topics,
and outcomes

With over 180 activities, topics, and outcomes covered, GoVenture Accounting makes it quick and easy to deliver curriculum-matched outcomes in a way that is problem-based, cross-curriculum, thematic, and holistic.


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Accounting entry window

Simulation Details

The simulation will not proceed until you make the correct entry. If you get stuck, you have two options:

View Hint

Basic information is displayed to help you better understand the current transaction.

Show Answer

The answer will be provided for you.

In order to minimize use of the above options, the number of times they are accessed is tracked and displayed in the simulation Performance Report.

This allows an instructor/facilitator to determine if the learner is doing the transactions correctly on his own and making positive progress as the simulation continues.

Financial Reports, such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledgers, General Journal, and several others, are created automatically by the simulation, based upon the accounting entries posted. Instructors/Facilitators can assign additional learning activities external to the simulation using spreadsheets and other approaches.  Instructors can also choose to turn the Balance Sheet and Income Statement OFF, thereby requiring students to generate their own financials using paper or spreadsheet.

GoVenture Accounting simulation is an easy-to-use program that introduces you to the experience of running your own business and practicing accounting. It's the perfect first step for younger students or adults who need to start with the basics of running a business. It also offers the opportunity to apply concepts in other subjects such as math, finance, career, or general life skills in a fun business setting.

Like a flight simulator for business, GoVenture Accounting puts you in the role of the owner of a mobile business cart, where you must decide what products to sell and where and when to sell them in order to maximize profits. It’s easy to use, visual, interactive, and exciting!

Unlike any book, course, or seminar, GoVenture Accounting enables you to gain years of experience in minutes! Manage all the key aspects of your own virtual business — price your products, buy inventory, advertise, review financial statements, hire employees, manage schedules, practise accounting, and more. Monitor your success by evaluating profitability, market share, and customer satisfaction.

Try your business skills on your own, against your friends and classmates, or compete with the computerized businesses in the simulation. Gain practical experience so you have the confidence to explore starting and running your own small business.

Play again and again — every new simulation you run is different! Run an entire session of GoVenture Accounting within minutes, or over an extended period of time.

GoVenture Accounting is ideal for youth and adults in self-directed or facilitated learning environments. It is also the perfect complement to any business course or curriculum - see below for what's included.


Education Bundle Resources


Education Bundle Resources are included in Adobe PDF format with your product purchase (certain licenses excluded). Click the PRICES tab for details.

Learning & Activity Book

Lesson plans and activities designed to bring education on writing a business plan, pricing products, hiring employees, and other business challenges alive in the classroom.

Learning Guides & Activities

Instructor & Student Editions

A selection of objective questions which can be used to create tests.

Test Bank

A helpful feature included in the software simulation that displays detailed simulation results, assigns a score to performance based upon a number of factors, and can be printed out as a report for evaluation.

Performance Report

Helps students learn the fundamental concepts of business and entrepreneurship. The 240-page book is easy to read with large text and lots of examples to make fundamental business concepts easy to understand. Students can use it as a reference for topics they need help with, or read it from cover to cover to gain practical business wisdom.

FREE Resources


Product Videos

Product Videos External Link

Watch demonstration and training videos - the best way to get started quickly.

Award Certificates External Link

Printable certificates for rewarding learner achievement.

Case Studies

Examples of how GoVenture is being used by others.

Standardize On GoVenture External Link

Why states and districts are adopting GoVenture as a curriculum standard.

Software User Guide External Link

A guide to the key elements of version 1 of the software. Version 2 does not have a printed User Guide, although the features of Version 1 and 2 are similar so this guide may still be useful.

Adobe PDF (1.0MB)

Education Standards Maps External Link

See how GoVenture maps to specific education standards.


A free newsletter to help educators bring learning to life.

GoVenture Sponsorship Program

A special resource for schools and nonprofits to help find the funds needed to purchase GoVenture.

Instructor Guide

A guide to using GoVenture in the classroom or in a business training environment.

For ONLINE version

For CD/Network version

Cheat Sheet

Summarizes helpful business and money information into a single sheet of paper. External Link

A free website containing a wealth of business tools, activities, and games.

For Principals & Administrators External Link

Why GoVenture is right for your school.

Adobe PDF (127kB)



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