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GoVenture Entrepreneur simulation is a highly visual and realistic business simulation that recreates the day-to-day experiences involved in starting and running a small business.

Like a flight simulator for small business, Entrepreneur engages you in realistic situations and problems. Take your own test flights, at your own speed. Within the world of Entrepreneur, the decisions and the consequences are highly realistic. So virtual entrepreneurs rapidly gain the authentic wisdom that normally only comes from on-the-job experience.

The GoVenture Experience

•  Experience what it is like to manage numerous business and personal tasks.

•  Make necessary compromises to reach both business and personal success.

•  Learn what you need to know to start a business in minutes, not months.

GoVenture Entrepreneur business simulation cannot be purchased on its own. It is only included with the GoVenture SUITE that is available exclusively to K-12 schools.

If you want an entrepreneur simulation, we recommend you consider GoVenture Small Business or GoVenture Micro Business which are similar but with more features and more recently upgraded.

Only available in the GoVenture SUITE

Activities, topics,
and outcomes

With over 160 activities, topics, and outcomes covered, GoVenture Entrepreneur makes it quick and easy to deliver curriculum-matched outcomes in a way that is problem-based, cross-curriculum, thematic, and holistic.


Technical Support
Sales Questions
Education QuestionsCONTACT

Case Studies


This simulation makes learning about being an entrepreneur fun. You can run the simulation for as long as you want. You can dive in using the QuickStart feature or take the time to go through the Personal and Business Profiles to select and start a business. You can conduct business, get advice, attend training seminars, and even close or sell your company. At any point, you may save your simulation and return to it later.

There is no penalty for failure, so if your first business doesn't succeed, try another. You can even control how fast the simulation time clock runs!

You can check your own personal financial status or your company's at any time. Review the business' financial statements and charts on recent operations. If you're doing well, you can pay yourself a bonus and buy one of those items on your wish list.

Watch out for random events — you could become injured and have to stay home for a while. Or if you forget your spouse's birthday your stress level may go up. If your stress level is too high, you may have to take some time off from the company. Can your employees run it without you?

The simulation immerses you in a life-like world of entrepreneurship and small business — a world where you still have to remember to pay your bills and get enough sleep.

It is an engaging experience, which makes learning fun, as you build an understanding of what it is like to be an entrepreneur and to meet the challenges of starting and running a small business.

The Entrepreneur CD-ROM simulation can be used in schools, in self-paced home or work study, in life-long learning programs, and in corporate training initiatives for employees or customers. Never before has it been so easy to experience the life of an entrepreneur.

Run an entire session of GoVenture Entrepreneur within minutes, or over an extended period of time. Compete against others. Use a single computer, or play on multiple computers — over a local network or the Internet.

GoVenture Entrepreneur is ideal for youth and adults in self-directed or

facilitated learning environments It is also the perfect complement to any business course or curriculum -  see below for what's included.

Education Bundle Resources


Education Bundle Resources are included in Adobe PDF format with your product purchase (certain licenses excluded). Click the PRICES tab for details.

Experiencing Entrepreneurship


Lesson plans and activities designed to bring entrepreneurship education alive in the classroom. Every key decision an entrepreneur needs to make in starting and running a business is addressed.

Learning Guides & Activities

Instructor & Student Editions

A selection of objective questions which can be used to create tests.

Test Bank

A helpful feature included in the software simulation that displays detailed simulation results, assigns a score to performance based upon a number of factors, and can be printed out as a report for evaluation.

Performance Report

A 50-page book that outlines the basics every aspiring business owner needs to know in an easy-to-read, summary format.

FREE Resources


Product Videos

Product Videos External Link

Watch demonstration and training videos - the best way to get started quickly.

Award Certificates External Link

Printable certificates for rewarding learner achievement.

Case Studies

Examples of how GoVenture is being used by others.

Standardize On GoVenture External Link

Why states and districts are adopting GoVenture as a curriculum standard.

Business Advisor Guide External Link

A guide to using GoVenture in business consulting, training, and advisory services.

Adobe PDF (211kB)

Software User Guide External Link

A guide to the key elements of the software.

Adobe PDF (1.0MB)

Education Standards  Maps External Link

See how GoVenture maps to specific education standards.


Start your week with 1 item that informs, inspires, or entertains.

GoVenture Sponsorship Program

A special resource for schools and nonprofits to help find the funds needed to purchase GoVenture.

Success Guide External Link

A brief list of common challenges and possible solutions for improving GoVenture business success.

Adobe PDF (341kB)

Instructor Guide External Link

A guide to using GoVenture in the classroom or in a business training environment.

Adobe PDF (208kB)

Cheat Sheet

Summarizes helpful business and money information into a single sheet of paper.

GoVentureOasis.com External Link

A free website containing a wealth of business tools, activities, and games.

For Principals & Administrators External Link

Why GoVenture is right for your school.

Adobe PDF (127kB)

Help & Walkthrough Chart External Link

Simulation flowchart, ways to get help, descriptions of screens and tools.

Adobe PDF (921kB)



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