Education IdeaBook

Education IdeaBook

Addictively interesting and endlessly useful! Used by thousands of teachers.

The IdeaBook is a full-color, 70-page collection of fascinating facts, discussion-starters, and teaching tips to bring learning to life.  The flip-side of the IdeaBook is a catalog of GoVenture educational games and simulations.

The IdeaBook is available in Adobe PDF format as well as a printed book.

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Table of Contents

Teaching Methods

Insights from Psychology

Study Skills


Classroom Activities

Internet Research

Writing Tips

Popular Slang

World Facts

Money Matters

Consumer Protection

Financial Planning

The Job Market

Biggest and Best

Movies and Music

Toys, Games, and Electronics

Marketing and Advertising

Inventors and Inventions

Space Exploration

Business Glossary

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    Teaching Methods

    •  Bloom's taxonomy of learning

    •  SOLO taxonomy

    •  How to create effective learning objectives

    •  Using rubrics

    •  Definitions of critical thinking

    •  Socratic questioning

    •  Experiential learning cycle

    •  Questions for reflecting on experiential learning

    •  Do games really teach?

    Insights from Psychology

    •  Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences

    •  Edward de Bono's six thinking hats

    •  Stephen Covey's seven habits of highly effective people

    •  Myers-Briggs personality types

    •  The 4 Myers-Briggs dichotomies

    •  Maslow's hierarchy of needs

    •  Theories of human behavior

    Study Skills

    •  Speed reading tips

    •  Study tips

    •  Tips for maximizing your memory

    •  Strategies for critical reading


    •  General tips for using icebreakers

    •  Scavenger hunt

    •  Life story

    •  Custom-designed tattoo

    •  Candy bowl

    •  Circle of friends

    •  Dinner guests

    Classroom Activities

    •  The pencil exercise

    •  "Bug report"

    •  Consumer Behavior

    •  Product life cycle

    •  Packaging

    •  Retailing

    •  The Price is Right!

    •  Celebrity/brand matching game

    •  Name that slogan

    •  Food Day

    •  Thinking like a social entrepreneur

    •  Personal balance sheet

    •  The elevator pitch

    •  Sector opportunity study

    •  "Two cool"

    •  Who is an entrepreneur anyway?

    •  Invention marketing

    •  The ultimate recycling challenge

    •  Analyzing a fast-growing company

    Internet Research

    •  Internet search tips

    •  Questions to ask about a website

    •  Finding the right search engine for the job

    •  Top 10 Google searches

    •  Top 10 Yahoo searches

    •  Top 10 search engines

    •  10 most-visited websites in the world

    Writing Tips

    •  Commonly confused words

    •  Commonly misspelled words

    •  Alphabet of most looked-up words on

    •  Common writing errors

    •  When to use which and that

    •  How to make your language inclusive

    Popular Slang

    •  Top 10 popular college slang terms

    •  Selection of popular 80's slang

    •  Selection of popular 90's slang

    World Facts

    •  The three "worlds"

    •  Top 10 wonders of the world

    •  21 country profiles

    •  Signs of the zodiac

    •  U.S. and Canadian holidays

    •  Chinese animal zodiac

    •  World weather averages: temperature and precipitation

    Money Matters

    •  U.S. Currency markings

    •  Whose faces are on U.S. bills?

    •  What does the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank do?

    •  Map of U.S. Federal Reserve system districts

    •  Security features of U.S. currency

    •  Security features in Canadian bank notes

    •  Canadian coins

    •  Faces on Canadian bills

    •  Milestones in the history of money

    Consumer Protection

    •  Typical frauds and scams

    •  Unethical business practices

    •  How to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft

    •  Hard times for corporate criminals

    •  Employment scams

    •  Quick consumer tips

    Financial Planning

    •  Einstein and the Rule of 72

    •  Buying life insurance

    •  Common mistakes young people make with money

    •  Five things you should know about credit cards

    •  Five things you should know about checking accounts

    •  Financial planning lifecycle

    •  Planning for retirement while you're young

    •  Bull and Bear markets

    •  How a small savings account can grow

    The Job Market

    •  20 worst-paying jobs in the United States

    •  20 best-paying jobs in the United States

    •  25 occupations projected to grow fastest in the United States

    •  Top five reasons people start businesses

    •  Costs of starting a franchise

    Biggest and Best

    •  World's largest public companies

    •  Largest private companies in the United States

    •  Best business schools (MBA programs)

    •  The best (worst) foods

    •  Five most expensive diseases

    •  Top earning CEO's

    •  Most expensive homes in the world

    •  Most expensive private islands

    •  What it costs to live well in 20 US Cities

    •  World's most expensive cars

    •  The world's growing number of billionaires

    •  Sports team valuations

    •  The world's wealthiest people

    Movies and Music

    •  Most lucrative movie franchises

    •  Top 20 movies of all-time, worldwide

    •  10 celebrities earning the highest incomes

    •  20 all-time best-selling albums in the world

    •  25 top-selling artists of all time in the United States

    •  10 all-time best-selling singles in the world

    •  16 artists believed to have sales of 250 million records

    •  Top-earning dead celebrities

    Toys, Games, and Electronics

    •  Classic games in Hall of Fame

    •  Top 10 toys

    •  25 all-time classic toys still on the market today

    •  Popular computer and video games

    •  Top 10 video game titles

    •  Top 15 massively multiplayer online games

    •  Real profits from virtual worlds

    •  10 most wished-for consumer electronics

    •  Top electronic wish list items for teens

    •  10 consumer electronics most likely to be gifts

    •  Highlights in the history of computer and video gaming

    Marketing and Advertising

    •  Birth stories of famous brands

    •  The first paper package advertising

    •  Highlights in the history of American advertising

    •  Top 10 advertising icons

    •  Top 10 advertising slogans

    •  Top 10 advertising jingles

    •  Inventors and Inventions

    •  Technology Timeline: 1752-1990

    Inventors & inventions

    •  Failure is the mother of success

    •  Intellectual property protection

    •  Famous trademarks, copyrights, and patents

    Space Exploration

    •  Planets in our solar system

    •  Space spending

    •  Top NASA research grants

    •  NASA spending by state

    Business Glossary

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Download the free IdeaBook PDF or request the free printed book