I wish my studies were better related to the real world. Even if I do well in my studies, I feel that when it's time for me to look for a job, I will not have the experience or confidence needed to succeed.

The classic "catch-22" — you cannot get a job because you do not have experience. You cannot get experience without a job. At this point in your life, it is difficult to see how your education will be of value to you in the real world. Experience could help you better relate to your studies and better prepare you for a career path

Break out of the catch-22 scenario and have fun at the same time! GoVenture simulations are highly effective learning programs that are so realistic you sometimes forget that you are gaining valuable knowledge and experience. Only GoVenture enables you to experience the real world in a fun and risk-free manner. Home user licenses make GoVenture affordable for everyone!


A simple explanation of why games and simulations provide powerful learning opportunities

Do video games really teach?

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